Arte, erotismo, obscenidade....

Esta é uma das fotos menos chocantes (para mim), mostradas no filme e expostas em Cincinnati.
Biography: American photographer, whose work is critically acclaimed despite accusations of pornographic content in some of his photographs. He was born in Queens, New York, and educated at the Pratt Institute of Art. After studying painting, drawing, and sculpture, he turned to photography. His first works in this field were collages made of photos cut from magazines and spray-painted. He then took his own photos, using a Polaroid camera. He had his first one-man show in 1976, then switched to a large-format press camera for his next. In 1977 he exhibited pictures of homosexual men in sexual acts or with sadomasochistic paraphernalia, set against conventional backdrops and in classical composition. Despite their sensational subject matter, which brought him instant notoriety, Mapplethorpe's work was critically acclaimed. Other exhibits included photos of flowers and nudes, as well as portraits of celebrities. A planned exhibit at the Corcoran was cancelled because the content was thought to be pornographic and displaying it jeopardized the gallery's federal funding. When shown in Cincinnati, the director of the Contemporary Arts Center was arrested, tried, and acquitted of obscenity charges. Mapplethorpe, who was diagnosed as having AIDS in 1986, died of the disease.

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